Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia



Matt Anson

Spring of 2014

Matt is a fourth-year Music Education major from Corning, New York and is the little brother of Geoffrey Warren Baker. He was initiated in the Spring of 2014. His hobbies include harassing his family line, playing Dungeons and Dragons, being a Sony fanatic, and learning whatever the next big discovery is in the science world.

Geoffrey Baker

Spring of 2013

Geoffrey Baker is a senior from Hanover, PA. Geoffrey started out as a Music Technology on trumpet and later switched to a B.A. in Music with a Math minor on voice. Music plays a vital role in Geoffrey's life. Starting in 5th grade and continuing through college, his goals have changed so much. As of right now Geoffrey hopes to work in live sound after college. Becoming a brother of Phi Mu Alpha in the Spring of 2013 was one of the best things to happen in Geoffrey's life. From participating on a chapter level to the province level and recently on a national level helps spur the fire of music. Geoffrey is the little brother of Santos Alejandro Feliciano and the big brother of Matt Anson.

Ian Brennan

Spring of 2016

Ian is a sophomore Music Technology major from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. He currently studies voice under Dr. Kim and is additionally aiming for a percussion minor, studying under Dr. Alexander. He is the little brother of Zach Sigafoes, twin of Damien Wickizer, and cousin of Jared Holmes. Ian dreams of becoming an actor (film, voice, and theater), writer of fantasy adventure novels, and screenplays. He is a member of Marching Band, where he plays timpani in the pit section, and Festival Chorus, where he sings second tenor. His favorite things outside of music include (but aren't limited to) Transformers, Star Wars, superhero comics, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Jeremy Brokos

Spring of 2014

Jeremy was initiated Spring 2014. He hails from the small town of Felton in South-Central Pennsylvania. He is attending school in pursuit of a Secondary Math Education degree in hopes of having the opportunity to mold young minds and teach them that math is fun. He joined Sinfonia because of his deep passion for music and the joy he gets being able to share his gift with others. He wanted to be able to work with a group of great men who all shared the common goal of advancing music in America. Jeremy greatly enjoys sports and will gladly entertain you with copious amounts of his useless sports knowledge. He also is a big Star Wars junkie and will play Star Wars: Battlefront with you any chance he can get.

Michael Ismael Carrasquillo

Spring of 2015

Michael is a Junior B.A. music major at Mansfield University. His primary instrument is trumpet with a secondary in voice. He has performed in various ensembles such as the MU Jazz Band, MU Symphonic band, and Festival Chorus. He is currently a member of the MU brass band, MU Concert Choir, Men’s Choir, MU Wind Ensemble, and trumpet section leader of the Mountie Marching Band. In addition to being a brother of Phi Mu Alpha, Michael is also a brother of the national honorary band fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi. His future plans are to pursue a graduate degree in instrumental conducting and one day teach music on a university level. Michael was initiated in the Spring of 2015 and is the little brother of Morgan Berkley Feick.

  • Officer Position: Warden

Donavan Darienzo

Spring of 2015

Donavan (Donny) Darienzo was innitated in the spring of 2015. He is a junior music education and vocal performance major. At the university, he is a current member of Pennsylvania Colligate Music Educators Association, Musical Theater Organization, the Mansfield University Concert Choir, and the Mansfield Womens' and Mens' Choir. He is an Eagle Scout and is still an active member of the Boy Scouts of America. He has a very passionate love for cats and penguins and will gladly sit down to talk for a while about literally anything.

  • Officer Position: President

Jacob Leon Foil-Charles I

Spring of 2016

Hello! My name is Jacob Foil-Charles. I am a sophomore at Mansfield University, and I have a dual major in Vocal Performance and Biology with a Geology minor. I am from Wellsboro, which is only about 15 minutes from Mansfield, and have been actively involved with music since I was in 4th grade. I was in choir and band practically all throughout middle school and high school, and was a regular participant in the PMEA Choral Festivals. I went to District Chorus and Regional Chorus 3 years in a row and I just missed All-State Chorus twice. I played trumpet from 5th to 12th grade and was in my high schools marching band for 4 years. But since coming to Mansfield, I have focused on my voice (hence the performance major). I also was a regular in my high schools musicals since I was in 10th grade. My focus in vocal training is mainly classical music and opera, but I love musical theater! Finally, I have been a brother of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia for about half a year now. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone I meet is supportive and caring and has welcomed me as one of them; and together the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha form an awesome family!

Rob Garrison

Fall of 2014

Rob Garrison is a senior, Music Technology major, from good old Mansfield, PA. His primary instrument is his voice and hopes to be using it for a long time after school. Mansfield was a simple choice for Rob, and he really enjoys his experiences at the school in his backyard. While he wants to work as a sound mixer in the studio, he dreams of being a producer.

  • Officer Position: Webmaster

Jared Holmes

Spring of 2016

Jared is a Music Education major with a Piano concentration and a Minor in History from Dover, PA. He is the Mansfield University ACDA Treasurer and aspires to be a High School Choral Director with later political goals.

Devon Lawson

Spring of 2016

My name is Devon Lawson. I'm a sophomore Music Education Major. My primary instrument is the cello, but I play a lot of trombone. I didn't think that Greek life was for me before getting to Mansfield, but I've been nothing but happily surprised by all of the people here. I am so proud to be a student here, and I want to be the best teacher, father, and friend that I can be while trying to figure out what that means. The way I see to do this best is to surround myself with like-minded but diverse individuals who also want this to learn from and with. For me, this means Sinfonia.

Coleman Lidle

Spring of 2014

Coleman A. Lidle hails from Hershey, Pennsylvania. He is a Music Education major with a minor in Applied Mathematics. He enjoys long walks on the beach and hitting membranes with sticks. He, as a percussionist, enjoys creating music using household items and even beautiful noises by hitting wood with mallets. He hopes to one day teach music at the collegiate level. OAS AAS LLS

  • Officer Position: Conductor
  • Province: Music Director

Jacob Myers

Spring of 2013

Jacob Myers is a senior Music Performance major with a Psychology minor and is from Montrose, PA. His interest for music grew during his sophomore year at Montrose Area High School, where he first took part in the annual choral festivals. He was also active in his high schools musical productions, which include "Cinderella" and "Barnum." Now attending Mansfield University, he is a member of the Mansfield University Concert Choir and has performed in many of the university's operatic and musical productions. He also enjoys Magic the Gathering, video games, and anime.

  • Officer Position: Secretary

Micah Neiss

Spring of 2015

Micah Neiss is a senior Music Education Major with voice as his primary instrument and percussion as his secondary. He hails from Johnson City, NY. Prior to coming to Mansfield, Micah studied at SUNY Broome for three semesters before transferring and finding a new home at Mansfield.

  • Officer Position: Historian

Cole Ramsey

Spring of 2016

Cole Ramsey is a sophomore Music Education Major with his primary instrument being Percussion. He hails from Todd, PA, graduating from Tussey Mountain High School. As a music education major, he hopes to one day have the same impact on his students that his teachers had on him. In his spare time, Cole enjoys playing golf, cheering for all the Pittsburgh teams, and making music in any way possible. He is also the little brother of Micah Alexander Neiss.

  • Officer Postition: Treasurer

Mitchell Sensenig

Fall of 2015

Mitchell Sensenig is a senior music education major from Ephrata, Pennsylvania. He studies voice with Dr. Todd Ranney. He also studies piano with Dr. Eun-Joo Kwak and previously studied with Dr. Nancy Boston. Mitchell sings in the MU Concert Choir where he is the bass section leader. He is also a member of the chamber singers and men's chorus, and was the Festival Chorus accompanist for two years. He marched four seasons with the Spirit and the Pride of Pennsylvania, and was mellophone section leader for one of those seasons. Mitchell is actively involved in many organizations including American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA), Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educators Association (PCMEA), and of course Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. He is currently serving his second term as president of SAA, and has served as president and secretary for ACDA. Off campus, Mitchell is the director of the Mansfield Community Handbell Choir and plays piano at the Mansfield First Baptist Church. After he graduates, Mitchell hopes to pursue a master's degree in choral conducting and one day teach at the university level.

Nathan Shedd

Spring of 2016

Nathan is a Sophomore Music Education Major, focusing on Euphonium, from Ashburnham, Massachusetts. He is part of PCMEA, president of SPSEA, on the Music Advocacy committee for the chapter, and in many of the ensembles. He is a very open and accepting person, will listen to anyone, and loves wolves and the cold.

Brian Vanvestraut

Spring of 2015

Brian George Vanvestraut is a Junior Music Education Major. His primary instrument is Voice and he is from Blakely, PA. Brian is currently serving as Beta Omicron’s Music Advocacy committee chair. He is also a member of organizations such as PCMEA and MTO. He is an Eagle Scout and works at a summer camp in the NEPA council. Music has always been a huge part of his life, especially musical theatre. Brian was initiated into the Beta Omicron chapter in the spring of 2015 and is the little brother of Matthew Lawrence Anson.

Nick Wathen

Spring 2016

Hailing from Chesapeake Beach in southern Maryland, Nicholas (Nick) Wathen is a senior B.A. in music with a minor in math. He studies voice with Dr. Alissa Rose and is the little brother of Morgan Berkley Feick. After beginning his love for music in high school, he later decided to pursue it as a career. At Mansfield, he has been active in many ensembles and organizations around campus. Besides music, he has other hobbies such as cycling, jet skiing, and drawing. Nick hopes to go to grad school for conducting and continue his love for music long after he graduates.

Damien Wickizer

Spring of 2015

Damien Wickizer is currently a junior Music Education major from Wyalusing, PA. He is currently studying voice under the direction of Dr. Todd E. Ranney. He is a member of ACDA, where he serves as YMCF Chair and also a member of PCMEA. He loves listening to 90's Pop, Jazz, and anything by Pentatonix!! He is involved in several ensembles such as Concert Choir, Chamber singers, and more. He has been in several musicals in the past and was featured as Assan in The Consul. He also serves as a Mountie Ambassador on the Mansfield Orientation Team. His dream is to become a choir director and inspire his students to love music and embrace the feelings and thoughts from it to pursue their passions in life. He also wants to become a leader, of some sort, within the community of music or even the government. He is the little brother of Zachary Daniel Sigafoes.

  • Officer Position: Vice President; Fraternity Education Officer

Jake Wilson

Spring of 2015

Jacob Wilson is a Senior Music Technology major currently performing his internship. He hails from Corning, New York. His primary instrument is voice, however, he also plays the trumpet, bass, and his favorite, the guitar. Jake enjoys playing load, obnoxious rock' n' roll music, recording, camping and fishing. He is also the little brother of Santos Alejandro Feliciano.